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KC Science, INC


We have talked a good deal about science communication. I would like to let the list know about a new collaboraton in our region – KC Science, INC, is a partnership of KCPT Public Television, Johnson County Library, Linda Hall Library, Science City at Union Station, Pathfinder Science, Science Pioneers and the Center for Science Education at the University of Kansas, focused on promoting science-related events, encouraging interest in science, advocating for science-based careers and inspiring natural curiosity throughout the community. There is a longer description of our activities below however, I want to let you know about an upcoming events;

Thursday, April 5 @ 8 pm


On Thursday, April 5 @ 8 pm KCPT presents YOUNG SCIENTISTS with John Merrow an inspiring documentary that follows the fortunes of twenty dedicated high school students who, as part of their high school science program, are competing in
the “Super Bowl” of science fairs, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. This one-hour PBS documentary tackles the problem of scientific “illiteracy” by showing a powerful way of engaging students in real science.

KCPT will continue the conversation by examining the concerns over “Scientific Illiteracy” in this community and to get the citizens in the region thinking more about the role of “science” in this community. The town hall conversation” featuring people from the world of science, business, education, a couple of young people and a couple of connect-the-dots type trend thinkers: DR. STEVEN CASE is Assistant Director of the Center for Science Education at the University of Kansas, BETTY PAULSELL is program director of SCIENCE PIONEERS, JULIE EDGE is President and Founder of Inside Edge Solutions LLC, JACK CASHILL is Executive Editor of INGRAMS MAGAZINE, DAVID KETCHUM is Science Coordinator for the Kansas City, MO School District, CHRIS KUEHL, founder and Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence, DAVID JEWELL is president of Jewell Baker Zander Inc., ELENA OVAITT is a senior at West Platte High School, DAVID BEIER is a science teacher at Barstow School abd ERIK BERGRUD, Director of Park University’s International Center for Civic Engagement



Author: Steve Case

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