Kansas Pragmatisim….

Kansas Biology teachers.

Check out this article in today’s Wichita Eagle.

Slackers, take note: Workers who know science, math are in demand

We’re going to get blunt here about why it’s dumb to blow off school.

The Wichita Eagle already showed in a Feb. 25 story that many students, especially boys, struggle in school, here and elsewhere.

Today we explain in grimmer detail why slacking is costly — for slackers and non-slackers alike.

Slacking is stupid mostly because with basic effort you could make serious money. If you don’t believe us, consider Zac Forsyth, who on this page talks about how he changed his life. Look at the photos of other young men — students at the Wichita Area Technical College — who have discovered that they really do need math in “the real world.”

No blame–just the facts and we’d better get to work.