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If you are a member of NABT you may not be aware of an exciting new online resource the American Biology Teacher. The American Biology Teacher is now a kind of hybrid journal–part in print and part online. All of the print articles from ABT are available online in pdf format. In addition there are additional articles that are available only online. ABT simply has more articles submitted than can be printed and so there is a back-log for printing which sometimes means an unacceptable delay before publication. Authors now have a choice. If they choose the online-only publication mode, their article is generally shared sooner than a print version would be. This increases the number of articles in each journal for NABT members–a win-win situation. Here’s a listing of February’s 3 additional online articles:

ABT Online

Inquiry & Investigations

Filthy Flies? Experiments To Test Flies as Vectors of Bacterial Disease

Are flies really as dirty as we think? Students create and test hypotheses about the ability of flies to transmit bacteria.

Julie J. Shaffer Kasey Jo Warner W. Wyatt Hoback

French Fries, Dialysis Tubing & Computer Models: Teaching Diffusion & Osmosis Through Inquiry & Modeling

A mini-unit where students design their own investigations and use computer modeling to visualize diffusion and osmosis.

Patricia Meis Friedrichsen Amy Pallant


Use of the Photoactic Ability of a Bacterium To Teach the Genetic Principles of Random Mutagenesis & Mutant Screening

An easy mutagenesis procedure using a versatile photosynthetic bacterium helps students learn about the power of mutant screens.

Neena Din Terry H. Bird James E. Berleman

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