I’m posting this info for Randy who is unable to attend and present at the 2007 KATS KAMP KABT thread. Randy was going to share a number of resources that he has tried out and found effective in his biotech courses and in AP Biology that deal with microarrays. These include:

Web animations such as this one from Malcolm Campbell at Davidson (click on the screen shot):

Microarray animation

Virtual Labs like this one from the Genetic Science Learning Center in Utah (click on the screen shot):

Virtual Lab

Select the BEOP link for teaching materials. (Student materials and answers)

BEOP Microarray paper by Carolyn A. Zanta, UIUC-HHMI Biotechnology Education and Outreach Program (BEOP)

And finally two papers:

Microarrays made simple: “DNA chips” paper activity, by Betsy Barnard from the online component of the American Biology Teacher, March, 2006. You’ll need to be an NABT member to access this link.

DNA Microarray Wet Lab Simulation Brings Genomics into the High School Curriculum, A. Malcolm Campbell, Carolyn A. Zanta, Laurie, J. Heyer, Ben Kittinger, Katleen M. Babric and Leslie Adler, CBE–Life Science Education, vol. 5, 332-339, Winter 2006