Book Review – The Edge of Evolution

In this week’s Science, Sean B. Carroll takes Michael Behe to task in a review of Behe’s latest book. Science has made this article available in their public access. Click on the cartoon to see the rest of the review or this link will also take you directly to the review.

EVOLUTION: God as Genetic Engineer

Sean B. Carroll

The Edge of Evolution
The Search for the Limits of Darwinism
by Michael J. Behe
Free Press, New York, 2007. 331 pp. $28, C$33.99. ISBN 9780743296205.

The continuing futile attacks by evolution’s opponents reminds me of another legendary confrontation, that between Arthur and the Black Knight in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Black Knight, like evolution’s challengers, continues to fight even as each of his limbs is hacked off, one by one. The “no transitional fossils” argument and the “designed genes” model have been cut clean off, the courts have debunked the “ID is science” claim, and the nonsense here about the edge of evolution is quickly sliced to pieces by well-established biochemistry. The knights of ID may profess these blows are “but a scratch” or “just a flesh wound,” but the argument for design has no scientific leg to stand on.


The reviewer, the author of The Making of the Fittest, is at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706, USA. E-mail:

Roaring River Picture Album

Randy’s Tent

Randy’s campsite at campground #3

Josie’s Tent

Josie’s Tent

Hatchery Tour 1

several members gather at the hatchery to take a tour of the rainbow trout facility ran by the Missouri Conservation Commission


Josie and Harry “model” excellent student behavior .


Trout in the cave at the spring source.


Looking up to the clift above you can see the fault line that is responsible for the spring.


Josie stands in front of the building constructed by the CCC of the 1930’s


Fingerling trout


Tiffany and Daughter viewing preserved sac-fry.


Harry takes a magnifyed look at the sac-fry


Josie feeding the big trout in the spring pond.


This is at least a ten pound trout.


Tim the park naturalist organizes the stream walk.


There must be something pretty interesting in the water.




Roaring River Field Trip

The Roaring River Field Trip took place June 1-3 with KABT Members Randy Dix, Harry & Charlotte McDonald, Shari McDougal & family, Tiffany Richard & family, Josie Stiles, & Bill Welsh attending. Friday night began with thunderstorms but the rest of the weekend was beautiful weather! Saturday morning some members began fly fishing and others hiked the Devil’s Kitchen area.

Randy had the pleasure of teaching many of us how to fly fish. I was assigned to practice casting in my backyard. 🙂 Once you cast I learned there is a fine art of snagging the fish, which I have yet to do. Tiffany’s 7 year old daughter had no problem learning how to cast the rod.

Saturday afternoon we toured the Hatchery and learned that Rainbow Trout have a stage in their life cycle called a swim-up fry and need to be fed every hour for 6 weeks! I am glad I don’t have that person’s job! We learned that approximately 290,000 trout are released each year and the hatchery sustains these trout by feeding them 600 pounds of food each day.

After the Hatchery Tour we had the privilege of going to an area of the river and seining for fish, crayfish, and whatever other organisms we could collect. We collected several different species of fish, invertebrates, and an endangered crayfish species. The Williams Crayfish is light in color and rapidly declining in the area. After each of us saw the crayfish our tour guide Tim released it back into the river. Once we left this part of the river the rest of the evening consisted of more fishing, a campfire, and S’mores!

Sunday morning some members went to the Nature Center to participate in the Habitat Hike before leaving. It was nice enjoying the outdoors, other teachers’ company, and seeing the kids have fun while learning about nature. If you missed the Spring Trip this year mark your calendars for next year’s Spring Trip to Ash Fall Nebraska. Don’t forget you can bring your family!

AP workshop in Olathe

From a posting that Randy made to the AP Biology listserv:

Teachers wanting to gain new teaching ideas and methods for AP Biology should consider attending an Olathe Kansas Institute from July 30th to August 3rd. Instructors: John Gehring has twenty years of experience teaching AP Biology and AP Biology Summer Institutes. He has been both a Reader and Table Leader at the AP Biology Reading for the past nineteen years and in 1999 was honored with the Siemans Award for Advanced Placement given by the Siemans Foundation. Assisting John is Robert Hamilton. Rob has fourteen years of experience teaching AP Biology, ten years as an AP Biology Summer Institute instructor and has been a Reader of the AP Biology exam for the past 6 years.

I have personally attended a previous workshop and found it instrumental in shaping my teaching. For registration go to the sponsoring university site at For further information about the instructors go to