Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers Resources


As you prepare for this year, consider adding at least one involved laboratory experience for you and your students to your curriculum. The web is full of excellent resources for you. The CIBT labsfrom Cornell’s HHMI program are just one example.

Several years ago, Kylee Sharp shared a presentation at a KABT gathering (may have been KATS) about the “Goldenrod Lab” she had learned about at an NABT convention. She had a printed resource that she really would have like to have distributed but she didn’t feel that she could because it was copyrighted and she didn’t have permission. That resource was from the Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers–A long-time HHMI funded program that has done a great deal over the years to provide resources to help biology teachers to their job, better. Well, the CIBT has now made all of their printed lab resources available online and Kylee can now share this lab with others with a clear conscience.

Check out these labs, there are 32 different labs that deeply involve the student and teacher in inquiry, are well tested, and cover a diversity of biology topics. The web site is not the easiest to navigate so here are the categories of labs with links to the labs in that category. You’ll need a pdf viewer to access the labs.

    Chemistry for Biology
    Ecology and Evolution
    Everyday Biology
    Molecular Biology
    Reproduction & Development