Congrats to Eric Kessler

Governor Sebelius surprised Eric with the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award, yesterday at his school. From the KC Star:

“At Blue Valley North, Kessler teaches biology, field biology, zoology and Advanced Placement biology. But the 41-year-old is best known around school for his “snake trips” — field trips to wooded areas to see the slithery critters in their natural habitat.

“I do a lot with my students outside the classroom,” he said.

Blue Valley North principal Carter Burns Jr. said Kessler also took some students to Linn County earlier this month to hunt for lizards. “He does all of this not for notoriety but because he feels it’s the right thing to do for kids,” Burns said.

On Tuesday, Kessler wore jeans and a pair of glasses held together by tape. He admitted he was dressed for the part of science nerd rather than award recipient.

Senior Nick Scherer recalled taking Kessler’s biology class as a freshman. “He was really patient. He tried to make sure we got it right before we moved on,” Scherer said. Kessler has been teaching 16 years.”

Congrats, Eric. Well deserved.

I imagine he liked the Govenor’s surprise better than this surprise on his sandal…




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  1. Thanks Brad! By the way I have never been a coffee drinker. So, the first to remember and identify what is actually in the cup can accompany me when I get the check cashed! : )

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