IABT and KABT think alike

J.R. Schrock sends word that the Indiana Association of Biology Teachers have gone to a blog as well:

“We have recently moved some of the burden of an electronic newsletter to a blog-site so you can keep up with news, views, and other things to peruse!

Check out our new and developing IABT News & Info site at:

http://iabt.wordpress.com (no “www” used in the address)

If you are tech-savvy, you can add this site to your RSS reader and get prompted every time we update the site….

Kirk A. Janowiak”

They have found the utility of using wordpress and RSS feeds but you’ll notice they have some the same issues we do as well such as getting folks to contribute.




2 thoughts on “IABT and KABT think alike”

  1. Kirk,

    I just returned from NABT’s meeting–there seems to be a bit of interest on using blogging platforms for newsletters and such. You may be hearing from other affiliates.


  2. Thanks for the support!
    Our IABT members will find your site helpful, so as a sister organizations, I’ll put a link on our Blogroll.
    You space is nicely done and informative!
    Kirk A. Janowiak, IABT editor

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