Phage Hunting

KABT’s own Randy Dix has participated in the University of Pittsburgh Phagehunter Program–maybe he will add a comment. If you have time this summer look into it–you’ve got about 10 days to apply.  More below the fold.

Hi Teachers,
Hope your school year is going well. We are quite busy at the University of
Pittsburgh Phagehunter Program with new directions for phage biology and
students. We are happy to invite you and your colleagues to our 2008
Teacher Workshop. It is scheduled for June 16 – 20, 2008.

Our Theme is ‘The Story a Phage Can Tell’ and the workshop will enable you
to do phage research in your classroom as both a microbiologist and

Additional information and the application can be found at

It is also easily Googled as Phagehunter. Look for Phagehunter Program.
Once on the site, go to the wiki.

Periodically check the website for workshop updates!

Application deadline is March 15, 2008

We look forward to seeing you this year,

PS For the university/college professors who are on this list, you are
keenly welcome. We would love to establish phagehunting at your institution
and you add a distinct advantage to our workshops. Looking forward to
hearing from you!

PPS Don¹t hesitate to pass this e-mail along to anyone you think may be
interested too!

Deborah Jacobs-Sera
Coordinator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Phagehunter Program
University of Pittsburgh
365 Crawford Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
FAX: 412-624-4870
e-mail: Click on HHMI



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  1. Phage Hunting is well supported by the Univ. of Pittsburgh and HHMI. It is a blast to work with viruses and has great applications to bioinformatics. You will really enjoy meeting and working with other dedicated teachers. Your students will appreciate you for a providing a lab few students have ever experienced.

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