KATS Kamp is now passed and like every year for the past several the KABT folks presented a number of back to back presentations that represented a biology strand.  Saturday morning started out early with Randy Dix presenting on RNA interference-Research Tools for scientist and student.  Randy had a number of C. elegans cultures that he gave away to participants.  Next up was Pat Lamb with a presentation on having high school anatomy and physiology students teach A & P to fourth grade students.  Paula Donham followed Pat at 11:00 with a repeat of her successfull NABT presentation:  Water Drops on a Penny where she takes a very simple procedure and makes it a very rich tool to explore the properties of water and data analysis.  Originally scheduled for 11:00, then accidently cancelled, and then re-scheduled for 11:00 was the perfect just before lunch presentation from Josie Stiles and Tiffany Richard:  Vomit Lab/Mystery in the Lunchroom.  This lab is an adaptation of Judy Browns’ McMush Lab–always a student favorite that Tiffany and Josie have adapted to Olathe East.  After lunch I presented on using spreadsheets to explore the principles of population genetics and the floating disk assay for exploring factors that affect the rates of photosynthesis.  Pat Wakeman wrapped up the day with a neat demonstration of Insulin Shock using goldfish….

I’ll post information about my presentation later this week and I’m guessing the others will as well after they receive this gentle reminder.