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Note from Carl Zimmer;

I just wanted to let everyone know that at long last my sixth book publishes today. It’s called Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life. You’ll recognize it at your local bookstore by the eerie glowing Petri dish on the cover. (And if you prefer Amazon, here’s the link: )
Microcosm is about what it means to be alive. Are there rules that all living things must obey? Is death inevitable? If we rewound the tape of life and let evolution run a second time, would it end up like the original? To explore these questions, I’ve written an (un)natural history of E. coli. Scientists have been earning Nobel Prizes for decades now by poking and prodding this microbe, and their work is coalescing into an extraordinary portrait of a living thing. And today, with engineered E. coli spewing out everything from insulin to jet fuel, the microbe is redefining the boundaries of life itself.
Publisher’s Weekly praises MIcrocosm for its “elegant, even poetic prose,” calling it “essential reading.”
You can find an excerpt at my web site:
Also, if you live around Boston, Chicago, LA, Madison CT, New York, Portland OR, Seattle, or San Francisco, I hope you can come to one of my Microcosm talks. The details of my book tour are here:
Thanks for putting up with a mass mailing. I hope you enjoy the book. (And please pass on the word to anyone who might be interested in it.)
Best wishes,
Carl Zimmer



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