5 thoughts on “Delayed Season”

  1. I enjoy to fish, water temperatures are far below normal. I agree truly a late sping. I have heard rumors form some veteran crappie fisherman, that the crappie may not spawn at all this spring as it is becoming so late in the spring for water temperatures to warm up!

  2. These images were taken with my now defunct Nikon Coolpix 4500…..If I remember that was a 5MP. My Cannon A640 point and shoot takes similar images. You’ll note the water drops….it was a cloudy day and I really braced myself since I didn’t have a tripod. Light conditions can make all the difference. Most of the time, today I carry along a minitripod to take images like this.

  3. What kind of camera do you use?! I try to get pics like this with my digital camera but they are never as vivid! I planted flowers in my back yard and they definitely seem very hesistant to do anything so I would agree with you.. it is a late spring in Kansas!

  4. Thanks for the natural history post. I hadn’t thought about using the site in this manner. I will keep it in mind as I observe our surroundings.

    For, example I should do post KHS post, with some pictures.

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