The Wonderful World of Dung…

For several years I kept a copy of a BBC production that was shown in the early 90’s on the Discovery channel: “The Wonderful World of Dung”. It’s the only video that I would not loan to others in the department–keeping it as a special treat for my students as we wrapped up the year. It’s a fun video that explores the importance of dung in ecosystems, in animal behavior and as an energy source–lot’s of connections. For the past several years I have scoured the internet looking for a legal source so that others could purchase legal copies for presenting to their students. No luck until a request was made to the AP Biology listserv. It seems that one of the AP f0lks has connection in Discovery and made a request to access the show again. If enough folks email discovery with a request, Discovery will either re-show the video or will market it in their store. Here’s the post with instructions:

Hi… so here’s the deal… if you want Discovery Channel to show the video on United Streaming or maybe re-release the video… you’ll need to email them with a request, please send a message to the customer support at Discovery Education at

Hopefully the deluge of requests will spark a response. Thank you to the 30 teachers who emailed me directly.

Robin Groch



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  1. My email address is
    I love showing the video to my classes, but our VHS copy got eatten by a machine. If you email me I will send you my address to get a copy of the dvd please.
    Shawn Gibson

  2. Hmmm… My email address failed to appear in the previous post. You can take my user name mrdcmemories and add the gmail dot com suffix.

    Or alternatively, use the following address:

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Anyone who is seeking Tony Robinson’s “Wonderful World of Dung” on DVD, please do NOT leave your request here, but rather follow this new procedure:

    So that this blog does not become burdened, I have created an email account specifically for free DVD requests. Send your request with a full U.S. postal address to:

    I have only one prerequisite: You must take a moment to send an email to Discovery Channel’s customer support (as outlined above by Robin Groch) requesting a high-quality release of the show to educators.

    If anyone learns of the official release of “WWoD”, please post that information here as I want to purchase one myself! (I will not share copies of an official video release.)


  4. mrdcmemories, I’ve been looking for this video for years to show to my Environmental and Zoology classes. I would love to receive a copy. My contact address is Thanks.

  5. Thanks mrdc memories for sending the cd of WWOD. Very sneaky, not putting a return address! I guess I’ll just post my BIG THANK YOU here and hope that you see it.


  6. Hello mrcdmemories! I too would like to obtain a copy of the WW of Dung. Please email me at, and I will provide my mailing address, or if you prefer, an sase and blank DVD. Thank you!

  7. Dear mrdcmemories,
    I’ve contacted Discovery requesting a DVD copy of this program and in the meantime, please send me one. I can easily send you a blank DVD, stamped envelope, etc.

  8. To mrdcmemories- I have been trying for 8 years to get a copy of “the Wonderful World Of Dung”. I’ll gladly send you an envelope, stamps, blank dvd’s. Just let me know what you need to send me a copy!

  9. Dear mrdcmemories – please count me in. If you email me at, I will send you my address. Thanks!

    Dear Brad, I’ve added my two cents by sending an email to Discovery. I know of a number of people – both educators and regular nature enthusiasts who would gladly pay for their own copy.

  10. I have a good copy of The Wonderful World of Dung”, originally recorded to VHS, as it aired on The Discovery Channel in the ’90s.

    Commercials have been removed. The body of the program is complete except for a few seconds at the end of each commercial break. (The person who taped it made the mistake of waiting too long to resume the recording.) The end credits are not complete.

    I’ll gladly give a DVD of the show to anyone who requests it at no charge. (I’ll only need a mailing address to send it.)

  11. I’ve sent in my 2 cents. I’ve been trying to borrow this video from Brad for years – it would be great to have a legitimate copy of it. I hope others make requests so we get Discovery to make it available.

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