Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses Web Page
Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses Web Page

As a Kansas biology teacher, I’m sure you are asked all the time:  “What flower is this?”  “What’s the name of that grass?”  Over the years I’ve watched Mike Haddock’s web site grow into a fine resource.  You can find flowers listed by color by season or by both as well as by more traditional listing.  He has accumulated a fine collection of images.  Especially when I’m not at home and even when I am, this web site is often the first place I go to when trying to do a quick i.d. on a flowering plant in KS.  I think you’ll find it useful as well.  You may have purchased his book Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses that grew from his web-site.  Here’s an interview about Mike:  link.

Try out the resource I think you’ll find it very helpful in class, this fall



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  1. I agree with Brad. This site is well worth a peek from you and your students. You should go out and purchase his field guide if you haven’t as well.

    In fact, my Field Biology student were using his site earlier this week while learning to identify common prairie grasses.

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