Milkweed for the Monarch larva

The KABT Annual Fall meeting was excellent!  I, too, liked getting the larva from Dr. Taylor.  By Sunday evening, the milkweed leaf was devoured…, in nearing darkness, I set out to look for milkweed!  I had to stop and think about where I was going to find it… a ditch was what I came up with.  I noticed in the last light of the evening that the milkweed plants have a pretty light colored leaf now, but the shape is still that characteristic oval shape.  So in the Topeka area, just driving out to the nearest “country” (actually just past 37th and Gage), I was able to yield 4 common milkweed plants that I collected and will take into the classroom tomorrow.  What was I thinking….more mouths to feed!  But my students will love them!  Thanks again for a great day on Saturday!