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This post is meant to inform those unable to attend the Dolan DNA Learning Center workshop Inside Cancer at the Stowers Institute today, which unfortunately I can now count myself among since I woke up under the weather the morning of the workshop and didn’t attend.  So, if there is anything that needs to be added to this post, those in attendance feel free to make extensive comments.

Through brief communications with Larry Hare, I learned that besides learning about the Inside Cancer website, they were introduced to the Inside Cancer Teacher Center, where, after registration and login, a teacher can build a classroom presentation selecting from the multitude of resources contained at the Inside Cancer website, develop and share lesson plans that one has developed in association with teaching about cancer with a broad community, and digitally align the lessons that one has developed with national standards.

Inside Cancer Website

Inside Cancer Teacher Center

As you can see below the Inside Cancer website is separated into four categories, Hallmarks of Cancer, Causes and Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment, and Pathways to Cancer, each of which contain a number of sub-headings that link to interviews and other multimedia resources, that have become the hallmark of Dolan DNA Learning Center resources.

The Inside Cancer Teacher Center appears as shown below.

Supplemental Resources

Below are resources that I was prepared to mention during the workshop but did not get the chance.  These are mentioned because I had noticed that the cancer biologist Robert Weinberg is one of the main scientists participating in the Inside Cancer website.



  • Via iTunes, iTune Store, find the navigate the following sequential links iTunesU, Universities and Colleges, MIT, Biology, and finally MIT 7.012 Introduction to Biology, Fall 2004.  This course was taught by Professor Eric Lander, Professor Robert Weinberg, and Dr. Claudette Gardel.  You can download the entire course or individual course lectures as either audo files or video files.  One of the course lectures is a 49 minute lecture on Cancer by Dr. Weinberg.  Here is the link to this course on MIT’s OpenCourseWare.  At this site, you can find the course syllabus, calendar, readings, recitations, assignments, exams, study material, and the video lecture (by-passing iTunes).  Here is a sample recitation from their studies on cancer and the answers.



Author: Eric Kessler

I am a high school teacher in the Blue Valley School District who has taught a Bioscience Research course at the district's Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) since 2010. Previous to this teaching gig I was at Blue Valley North High School where I taught freshman Biology and Honors Biology, Field Biology, Zoology, and AP Biology for the past 18 years.

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  1. After attending this workshop, I was very impressed with the website,

    The commentary is great, and the animations are magnificent. If you teach about cells, you should check it out, well worth your time!!!

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