An experiment in collaborative spreadsheets and Hardy-Weinberg

Last spring, at KATS KAMP, I introduced the idea of using student generated spreadsheet models to explore Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and as a substitute for the H-W simulations described in the AP-Biology lab manual. This fall at KABT’s meeting, I presented a bit about collaborative documents. I propose that we combine the two to create unique collabortive opportunity to explore the application of spreadsheets in biology.

I have created a blank collaborative spreadsheet at that is ready for collaborative work. I sent a message to the AP-Bio list inviting collaborators and we have two, Kim Foglia and Davida LaCosse. Paula Donham has said she’ll participate as well. Together we will recreate the spreadsheet that I have described earlier and take it further to develop a multi-generational model that can explore how drift, selection, mutation and migration affect populations. I’d really like to have a couple more KABT folks involved so let me know if you’d like to participate (Eric, Jeff and others). Thanks in advance to everyone involved in this experiment.

Below, you’ll find the embedded “work-in -progress” spreadsheet. You can return to this post to see how things are progressing.