Video on sinking disks for the Floating Leaf Disk Lab

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Last night, on the AP-Bio listserv a teacher asked about trouble with sinking leaf disks for the Floating Leaf Disk lab. Her class had difficulty getting the spinach leaf disks to sink. I offered some possible solutions and I also promised to post a video of the procedure in case the students were missing something in the written protocol. Here’s the quick video that I made this morning.

Google video seems to be down this morning (Sept. 30). If this continues I’ll upload the video to a different service–stay tuned.




2 thoughts on “Video on sinking disks for the Floating Leaf Disk Lab

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  2. Thanks for this video!!!!
    I’m in bio right now! And now I totally understand how to do my lab on Friday!!! :]

    youre a good man.

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