Fastplants in Need of a Home and Loving Care

FastPlants at 10 days
FastPlants at 10 days

I started this population of fastplants back on the 22nd of Sept. for a class that I was scheduled to teach.  The class did not garner enough enrollment so unfortunately it is canceled.  Now I have this population of Fastplants that could use a home.  These plants were being grown to start the Whose the Father investigation that can be found at the Fastplants Website.  BTW, the Fastplant folks have a new social network page called the Fastplant Network that has membership of 155.  This is a great place to interact with the folks in Wisconsin and other fastplant growers.   If a local teacher has the equipment and would like to try and carry out this investigation with these plants, they will be ready to fertilize next week.  Get in touch if you are interested.




2 thoughts on “Fastplants in Need of a Home and Loving Care”

  1. BHenderson,

    Sorry, but I’ve already taken them to Pdonham in Olathe. However, if you have any questions about starting to grow Fastplants or about the strains involved, let me know. Welcome to the KABT BioBlog.

  2. I would be very glad to take some plants to use in my AP Biology Class.
    I will even pay for postage. Do they still need a home? I live in Caney, Kansas but actually teach across the line 15 miles in Bartlesville, OK at Bartlesville High School 1700 Hillcrest Drive. Is this a problem? BHenderson

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