Using the Floating Disk Assay as a basis of a lab assessment

A request on the AP Biology list for a lab write-up for the floating disk assay prompted me to make an old lab performance assessment (exploring-photosynthesis-lab-test) that I wrote several years ago available for download. It’s not a lab procedure per se but it can serve as one. It is certainly not written as an AP Lab substitute but should get someone started if they need some extra prompting.

BTW, I have to admit I just uploaded this and did not check it out for rewrites or edits. If you find egregious errors or even a bit of misguiding–let me know and I’ll see what I can do.




One thought on “Using the Floating Disk Assay as a basis of a lab assessment”

  1. Brad — Thanks for posting this lab. I used it today in my general biology class for the first time. It worked very well, and it kept the students engaged throughout. Tomorrow we’ll do more discussion about what was occurring and hopefully it will prove to have been a great learning activity. It’s always difficult to come up with labs for photosynthesis that can be completed in a 50 minute class period. Thanks!
    Kim Houtz

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