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  1. The method for downloading videos that I have used on occasion involves using extensions to my web browser: Firefox.

    With extension like:
    Video Download Helper or Fast Video Download

    The extensions do the work for you but like Eric said–you’ll still likely be in a FLV format which requires a player or requires that you convert over to another format….


  2. Paula,

    Here is one way.

    When you are able to access YouTube from home, find the video of interest. To the right of the video you will see a url window for the video that you are viewing. Highlight and copy that url.

    Then, open the following website:


    and paste the url in their url window at the top of the website, and click download.

    After you do this the screen should change and you should see two download options below, a low or high quality .flv file (you will need a Macromedia Flash viewer to watch). After you choose the quality you want, you can rename the file before saving it to your desktop.

    At this point the video is yours and you have successfully by-passed your security at school.

    I will ask some of my students how they get around our filter even while at school because I know some of them can still get to YouTube even while at school. When I know how to do this too, I will reply again.

  3. The topics of some of these look really interesting but I’ve found out the links are blocked because my school’s security blocks YouTube. I’ve heard that you can save the YouTube videos on a flashdrive on your home computer and then bring them to school to show. Does anyone know how to do this?


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