Kansas Winter Bird Feeder Survey

The Winter Bird Feeder Survey began in January 1988 as a cooperative effort between the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the Kansas Ornithological Society, to census birds at feeders. Data is gathered by hundreds of volunteers who watch their feeders and count birds on two, of four designated days. The four day feeder survey period for January 2009 is from January 15th, through January 18th.

The data collected on this project is invaluable to wildlife planners and researchers. The data and maps are also available to all who are interested in exploring the natural world.



Author: Steve Case

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One thought on “Kansas Winter Bird Feeder Survey”

  1. I am an avid waterfowler and fisherman, I do both in January. Many times in Kansas, most water is frozen in January. The flutuating temperatures this winter, has left alot of water still open. I have seen many great blue herons, and belted kingfishers fluttering around this winter, which I usually do not see.

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