“One Fish, Two Fish, 17,500 Fish”

JCCC Scholars Lecture on “Understanding the Diversity of Fishes”

Dr. Holcroft will present an overview of a large collaborative project to which she is contributing to reconstruct the evolutionary relationships among the euteleost fishes using data from their anatomy, development, and genes.


Who: Dr. Nancy I. Holcroft, Associate Professor of Science
When: Wednesday, February 18, at 7:00pm
Where: M.R. & Evelyn Hudson Auditorium, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Johnson County Community College
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Dr. Holcroft’s LinkedIn Profile

Although a few days belated, what better way is there to celebrate Darwin’s 200th Birthday and the 150th anniversary of his historic publication, On the Origin of Species!  After all, we are just modified fish…

Hope to see you there!



Author: Eric Kessler

I am a high school biology teacher at Blue Valley North High School where I have taught freshman Biology and Honors Biology, Field Biology, Zoology, and AP Biology for the past 15 years. I am sponsor of the Environmental Club and our molecular modeling S.M.A.R.T. Team program. I am also the current treasurer of the Kansas Herpetological Society. Although I like most things biological, I have specific interests in the natural history of KS endemics (the outdoors) and things molecular. I am a pretty avid reader, I enjoy maintaining my website, and taking photographs. I plan on having students blogging and creating podcasts by the end of the year.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up – it’s perfect timing for me to offer this lecture as an extra credit opportunity for students. In class we’re doing protein electrophoresis of fish muscle proteins then developing a cladogram as part of our unit on evolution.

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