New website for Baker Wetlands

Sunset Just wanted to spread the word that Baker Wetlands on the south edge of Lawrence has a new website, thanks to Roger Boyd and others. As one of the best and most easily accessed northeast KS wetland sites it is a real testament to the power of restoring hydrology to former cornfields (“past wholesale anthropogenic modification,” in the parlance) to allow natural communities to reestablish. Whatever you may know about the years (decades?) of the variety of controversies centered on the wetlands, the restoration of the big chunks of newly acquired mitigation land will be fascinating to watch unfold. If you haven’t been by the Wetlands for a while, get out there while the restoration area is still fairly bare, just so you have a “time zero” reference for later visits in years to come. Few other places in this part of the state offer least bitterns and other goodies within such a short walk from the car.

The website has a detailed FAQ section that illuminates some of the history of the site and its controversies, great maps of the present site, various species lists, tons of other info about the place, as well as some really interesting photo albums with beautiful photographs. Check it out!

Baker Wetlands

Jeff Witters