Great Antlion resources

AntlionThose of you who have followed this blog probably know of my long time fascination with antlions.  If you have a ready source of them, they make a great organism to inspire student generated research.  Today, I’ve run across two excellent photo resources on antlions.  Alex Wild’s Mymercos Blog has exceptional images of an antlion in action and in the comments to Alex’s amazing photos you can find a link to Mikko Kolkkala’s images of an antlion parasatoid.  Check them out you’ll be amazed–maybe you’ll even go to the trouble of collecting antlions this summer for the first week of school next year.



2 thoughts on “Great Antlion resources”

  1. Brad, I went to the Ant Lions and Biology post. The PDF lab download link sends me to a 404 error page. I was wondering if you could post a link! Thanks!

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