Inquiry with Termites


Before the weekend, I received an e-mail from a colleague asking “Do you know of a good place I can go gather termites… anywhere woody?”

I responded with my suggestions, and because I was intrigued, I replied with a question of my own, “What do you plan to do with them?”

Well, after a making my own way through portions of two decaying logs, and acquiring some special and not-s0-special writing utensils, see what we ended up witnessing by watching the following videos… 

  1. Termite and paper (30 sec.)
  2. Termite, paper, and pencil drawn Infinity (30 sec.)
  3. Termite, paper, and Sanford Uniball Black drawn Infinity (30 sec.)
  4. Termite, paper, and Papermate Red drawn Infinity (30 sec.)
  5. Termite, paper, and Papermate Red drawn Spiral (30 sec.)

Sorry for the out-of-focus imagery but I hope these 2.5 minutes of observation motivate you as much as they did us before we introduced these creature to our classes today!  Experiment with other colors, other writing utensils, and have fun googling to see what is already known about the behavior you witnessed.

Happy Inquiry!


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Afternoon: Nuclear Power and Wind Power – (Westar)
Results of the KS Biology Teacher Survey – Tuel
Great Plains Nature Center – Gress
Collaboration in Biology teaching – Welch and Busch
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