Track Identification Challenge

When it snows, I can hardly wait to get out to the woods or to other natural areas just to see the record left by different critters as tracks.  For instance, yesterday at the Overland Park Arboretum I was wishing I had my normal camera along to record some of the tracks.  I saw bobcat tracks trailing along downed logs, coyote tracks on the ice and countless deer tracks.

Here’s a challenge—I finally remembered that I had my iPhone camera with me and recorded some very unusual tracks that I’m going to put out as an i.d. challenge.  I apologize for the quality of the iPhone camera.  I will tell you that occasionally these tracks would dive below the snow and they seemed to go all over the place.  Also the width of the track groove was just over an inch.  If my i.d. is correct these tracks were found in an atypical habitat for this species—in an open woodland of large willow shingle and white oaks with flower beds.  Here’s the images—let’s have your analysis:

tracks next photo


Final photo: