OBTA 2010 nominations

We are looking for this year’s nominations for the Kansas OBTA.
The National Association of Biology Teachers invites nominations for the Kansas Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for 2010. All biology/life science instructors (grades 7-12) with at least three years teaching experience in public, private, or parochial schools are eligible and self-nominations are invited. NABT membership is not a requirement for consideration; however, a major portion of each nominee’s career must have been devoted to the teaching of biology and/or life science. Unsuccessful candidates may be re-nominated in subsequent years. Colleagues, administrators, students, the teacher candidates themselves, or anyone competent to judge the candidate’s teaching effectiveness can nominate a teacher to receive the award. Candidates will complete a form summarizing their professional experience, academic background, and educational philosophy and provide four recommendations from colleagues, students, etc. The criteria for the award include teaching ability and experience, cooperativeness in school and the community, inventiveness, initiative, and student-teacher relationship. Winners receive a special gift from Pearson, a microscope from Leica Microsystems, Inc., a one year complimentary membership in NABT plus certificates and a pin from NABT. In addition, recipients will be honored at an awards ceremony at the annual NABT National Professional Development Conference (to be held November 3-6, in Minneapolis ).
Please send the name and address of your nominee (including phone number and e-mail) to Sandy Collins, West Jr. High School, 2700 Harvard Road, Lawrence, KS 66049, or by e-mail to scollins@usd497.org. E-mail nominations will be acknowledged by a reply. You may also nominate someone by using the nomination form available at www.nabt.org. The deadline for nominations is March 5, 2010..

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your helping NABT honor an outstanding biology teacher from Kansas.
Sandy Collins
Kansas OBTA Director