An experiment for the KABT BioBlog—social networking

You’ll notice that things look a bit different around here.   I’ve added a lot of new capabilities to the KABT BioBlog website while keeping all of the previous work.   Over the last few months WordPress (the software that runs our blog) has introduced some new social networking tools.  With these tools this website/blog can now become somewhat like facebook—a place for people of like mind–a community that can more effectively collaborate and share ideas.  The new tool is called Buddypress.  You can find out a little here but the best way to find out is to use it.

As it says in the title–this is an experiment.  I’ll be tweaking things like appearance and options over the next few weeks.  I may add a wiki and other options as well.  If folks find that the new capabilities get in the way then we’ll just remove them and put up the old site.  Let me know what you think.  For now, I’ll leave it up (barring major problems) until the fall KABT meeting to give folks a chance to try it out.




2 thoughts on “An experiment for the KABT BioBlog—social networking”

  1. BTW,

    I’ve already upgraded the buddypress application. It fixed some bugs that some of you may have noticed. Specifically, if you tried to upload a picture for your avatar and it didn’t work, you should find that it works now.


  2. I have done nothing more than read the above message but thanks!

    I had been toying with the idea of creating a KABT group on Facebook so that we could benefit from more informal communications (organizing a carpool to a field trip, etc…). I imagine that what you have added will effectively eliminate that need. It will be great to have it all in one site.

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