4th Kansas City Area Brain Bee

Saturday, February 12, 2011, 9 am – 12 pm
University of Kansas Medical Center, Beller Auditorium

 The International Brain Bee (IBB) is a live Q&A competition that tests the neuroscience knowledge of high school students. Local competitions are held throughout North America and the winners are invited to the championship at the University of Maryland during Brain Awareness Week – March 14 – 20th, 2011.  Sponsored by the Kansas City Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.

Local Brain Bee included questions based on Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous, the publication of the Society for Neuroscience.

Apply by February 1 by sending 1) your name, 2) grade, 3) school name, and 4) teachers name to sfnkc@kumc.edu.

Learn more about the rules…

We have changed the format a bit this year to make it more fair and more fun for the students involved.  Here are the new rules for this year’s Brain Bee:

The Competition Rules
  • Part 1 is broken into 8 rounds of 5 questions each. Questions will be read one at a time by the judge and all participants will have 30 seconds to answer the same question. Each answer is written on a separate large index card. Spelling does not count. After 30 seconds, the judge will read the correct answer. Participants will hold up their index cards for the judge and spotters, and incorrect answers will be taken from them. Participants will move to the next round only if they answer the predetermined number of questions correctly, for example, 2 out of 5 in round 1. 
  • Participants eliminated from the competition will move to the audience.  The goal at the end of 8 rounds is to have 4 finalists. If at the end of 8 rounds more than 4 participants remain in the competition, the top 4 are determined by the total number of correct answers from rounds 1-8. In the event of a tie for the fourth finisher, all fourth finishers will enter the Final Round. If there are 4 participants remaining in the competition before completing 8 rounds, Final Round questions will begin immediately. 
  • In the Final Round, participants are eliminated when they accumulate three wrong answers.  Questions are asked until the “Best Brain” is determined. The last one standing is the winner. In the event of a tie for second place, further questions will be asked to determine the second and third place winners.
  • Any discrepancy in an answer is decided by the judges who have full authority to accept or reject answers. 
  • The Prizes:  Cash Prizes for first ($300), second ($100), and third ($50) place winners. 
  • The first place winner is eligible to compete in the National Brain Bee at the University of Maryland, during Brain Awareness Week 2011, for the chance to win a trip to represent the United States at the International Brain Bee Championship.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all,

Will Messamore



Author: Eric Kessler

I am a high school teacher in the Blue Valley School District who has taught a Bioscience Research course at the district's Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) since 2010. Previous to this teaching gig I was at Blue Valley North High School where I taught freshman Biology and Honors Biology, Field Biology, Zoology, and AP Biology for the past 18 years.