Neat, new way to preserve insects for biology classrooms


Click on this image or this link to Dragonflywoman’s blog to learn how to preserve insects in hand sanitizer….what a cool way to prepare insect specimens for the classroom.

BTW,  you’ll find a lot of great insect resources on her web site.  I think you’ll be impressed.



2 thoughts on “Neat, new way to preserve insects for biology classrooms”

  1. I saw this last year and love it. I’ve made about 8-10 of them and they look wonderful. Only problem I’ve seen is that the hand sanitizer gets more liquidy after a while. I used fresh insects though so that might have something to do with it.

    Anyone have thoughts?

  2. I’ll definitely try this with students this semester and post my thoughts here once I’ve experienced it. I wonder what they upper limit on things that can be suspended in this manner.

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