Botanical Enigma

A student of mine has a question for everyone.

“When starting a planting “box” for growing Wisconsin Fast Plants we were going to plant we noticed a small single leaf had shot up through the soil. We let the plant grow and it sent out a stem having three leaves a’ top. It has grown to a good size.  Each stem it has grown averages 25 cm (nine inches) long. The pattern on the leaves is clover-like (small white heart shape) and the leaves are small and go to a rounded point.  Small hairs have grown the length of the stems.  Ten stems have counted so far and many more are growing. We have researched through books and have found nothing on this, and horticulture teachers have seen and cannot identify the plant. We would like information on the plant. If you know internet sites or books that will identify the species please send URLs, links, or titles, it would be very much appreciated.”
Aaron Fink



One thought on “Botanical Enigma”

  1. Aaron

    Stay with your clover idea……check out Trifolium pratense or Red Clover images…..

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