Wandering through Spring in Johnson County

Mayapple blossom

Just a couple of things.  Now is the time to start looking for orchids, if that quest is on your list.  This image of a lady slipper orchid was taken today.  Won’t be long until this is blooming–if the deer don’t get it.

Lady Slipper

Speaking of deer:  This yearling apparently is barely tolerated by the others in this group.  Note the deep kick scars wounds down both sides.  Sorry for the photo quality–nearly dark.



One thought on “Wandering through Spring in Johnson County”

  1. Nice spring pics! The picture of Senecio reminds me of my old botany teacher and boss when I worked in the KSU herbarium, Ted Barkley. He was a self proclaimed Seneciologist.
    I was out yesterday searching for morels and orchids(O. spectabilis). Found both but the orchids had not bloomed yet. I’ll try to send a few pictures. Also saw a timberdoodle!

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