Johnson County Science Cafe

Johnson County Science Cafe’

The Geologic Record of Global Climate Change: Context for modern global warming

Speaker: Dr. Keith Miller, Research Assistant Professor in Geology, Kansas State University

Date: June 7, 2011

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Coaches Bar and Grill, 14893 Metcalf, in private room

The geologic record provides a long-term record of climate change over a range of different time scales.  This record gives us a way to understand the range of possible global climate conditions and the various factors that are involved.  With this long-term context as a background we can better understand modern climate change.

Dr. Miller’s research, since coming to Kansas in 1990, has been focused on the reconstruction of climate change during the early Permian (~300-270 million years ago) in Kansas.  This is the time during which the rocks of the Flint Hills were deposited — a time that corresponded with an ancient ice age.  That period was characterized by repeated alternations between cold glacial and warm interglacial times much like the current Pleistocene and Recent.  So he comes at the question of modern climate change from a long-term geological context.

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