Fall Conference Info…

Enjoy the season and the prairie and join us at the KABT Fall Conference in the Meeting Hall at the Konza Biological Field Station in Manhattan on Saturday, September 10.

Some of the sessions planned are Algal Blooms by the State Department, Backyard Brains by Eric Kessler, Milford Nature Center will present on the Eco-meet, Valerie Wright, the Konza Environmental Educator, will speak on studies at the Konza and take us on a walk on the Konza. The use of GIS in working with bison will also be discussed. For more information on the Konza Prairie visit http://www.konza.ksu.edu/KNZ/pages/home/home.aspx

Go to http://kpbs.konza.ksu.edu/konzatrails.html to map out your hike and come early or stay later (open dawn until dusk) to hike up to 6 miles on the Konza Prairie.

Registration will be from 8:30-9:00 and the conference will last until 4PM. It will be $35 for the conference (which includes a one-year membership as well as lunch). Directions are available at http://keep.konza.ksu.edu/visit/map.htm

We hope to see you on the 10th!



KABT Fall Conference September 10!!

If you haven’t already placed September 10th on your calendar do! The Fall Conference will be at the Konza Meeting Hall in Manhattan this year Saturday September 10.

The presentations will include blogging by Eric Kessler, backyard brains by Eric and Brad Williamson, blackworms by Paula Donham, and Michael Ralph on technology. The program will be posted soon.

AP Video Journal

I have just begun teaching my first week as a new AP biology teacher.  I have decided to attempt to keep a video journal as the year progresses (we’ll see how faithful I am to that).  I don’t really know what kind of value it will have, but I figure “tis better to have and not need”.  I would be willing to share the videos, and when the year is finished it is possible that a compilation might be useful or interesting to future new AP teachers.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to share the video(s)?  Obviously YouTube would be a poor choice, because I wouldn’t be comfortable with the students having easy access to it.  Any other ideas?