AP Video Journal

I have just begun teaching my first week as a new AP biology teacher.  I have decided to attempt to keep a video journal as the year progresses (we’ll see how faithful I am to that).  I don’t really know what kind of value it will have, but I figure “tis better to have and not need”.  I would be willing to share the videos, and when the year is finished it is possible that a compilation might be useful or interesting to future new AP teachers.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to share the video(s)?  Obviously YouTube would be a poor choice, because I wouldn’t be comfortable with the students having easy access to it.  Any other ideas?



One thought on “AP Video Journal”

  1. Although I haven’t done it, I think you can upload videos straight to the KABT site. Otherwise, I have seen a few embedded Vimeo videos on sites. I don’t know anything more than that since I don’t have a Vimeo account…

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