Student Question

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I had a student today ask me for some website recommendations to learn more about Ecology.  Do any of you have some suggestions I could pass along to him?



3 thoughts on “Student Question

  1. Sticking with the book theme… Two books: “Learning Under The Sun” and “Learning For All Seasons” (both by William J. Klein) focus on inquiry in outdoor science. Nice resources to have in the classroom anyway.

  2. Would the student be up for reading more than a few pages on a website? If so, I would suggest particular books instead of websites. There are some fine websites out there but nothing like a good book…

    I might begin with E.O Wilson’s – The Diversity of Life, but might also suggest Aldo Leopold, Bernd Heinrich, etc… If you need more suggestions in general or more on specific aspects of ecology just specify and I can go look in my library so see what pops into head.

    Tell the students to head to the half-price book store…

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