Praying Mantis in Classroom

Last year Pat Wakeman shared with us ideas of how to bring the outdoors inside to our classrooms.  One of the things I have been bringing in from my backyard is a praying mantis.  This is the second year we have been observing its carnivore-eating behavior, nest laying and hatching of eggs.  The students have thoroughly enjoyed watching her–it is their first stop (by choice) when they come into the room.  She has been easy to care for by catching grasshoppers outside and then inserting them into the terrarium.   A secure lid on the terrarium is required–I have metal screen held in place with a bungee cord.  She only eats 1 or 2 grasshoppers about every 2 days.   Here is a short video clip  (1 1/2  mins) I found on the web that shows how a praying mantis captures it prey (audio information with video).  Ambusher__Praying_Mantis



Author: Kathy Egbert

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