Johnsoon County Science Cafe for Nov. 8 – canceled

Important Announcement

The Johnson County Science Cafe for Tuesday, Nov. 8, is cancelled

It is with sincere regret that KCFS announces that there will be two near-misses next Tuesday, the comet and the science cafe’.

We just learned that, despite a construction plan to be in their new location by Nov. 1, Coaches Bar and Grill will not be open by Tuesday.

Do not dispair, we really are going to be back in business. The speakers from the Astronomical Society of Kansas City are still available for December and will present at our next meeting, Dec. 3.

You will all have to find your own tables to crawl under if the near-miss becomes a near-hit. I thought about using the duck and cover I was taught back in the 50s and 60s, but decided it wouldn’t work any better now than it would have worked back then. I just hope I have enough emptied from my pint to see the asteroid/meteor-to-be clearly as I raise my glass.