Johnson County Science Cafe

“Intelligent Machines: Past, Present, and Future”

Speaker: Reza Derakhshani, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at UMKC’s School of Computing and Engineering

Date: March 6, 2012

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Coaches Bar and Grill, 9089 W. 135th Street, one block west of 135th and Antioch, south side of 135th St.

What is intelligence? Can it be reverse engineered and built into a slab of silicon? Is the singularity near? These are some of the questions that we will entertain as we discuss current state of the art and the future of machine intelligence.

Dr. Derakhshani earned his Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively from West Virginia University. Dr. Derakhshani’s research interests include computational intelligence paradigms, especially artificial neural networks, and their applications in biomedical signal analysis, biometrics (physical and psychophysiological), and physiological system identification. His interdisciplinary research has brought about close collaborations with researchers from different medical and engineering fields. Some of his recent research projects include noninvasive brain computer interfacing, a new patented biometric modality based on vasculature on white of the eye, neural network models of human joints, and non-obtrusive psychophysiological pattern recognition using postural and ocular dynamics. His work has been funded by various state and federal agencies, and has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed publications and a U.S. Patent. Please visit for more details.

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