KABT Spring 2012 Field Trip (1-2 June 2012)

The 2012 Spring KABT Field Trip will be held at Alcove Springs in Marshall County, Kansas. KABT members will gather as early as Friday evening (1 June 2012) at the location displaying KABT signs. Campsites are available.

This will be primitive camping at its best… restrooms will be unavailable at Alcove Springs, so you might want to bring a shovel!!!

To reach Alcove Springs and waterfall from Blue Rapids, KS, take US-77 north to Schroyer Road. There is a small sign on the highway just before the Georgia-Pacific gypsum mine. Follow Schroyer Road 5 miles north to the park. Schroyer Road is gravel and can be rough in wet weather.  Park in the circular lot on the east side of the road.  Campsite will be in Stella’s Meadow about 200 yds to the NE of the parking lot (follow the signs).  You will need to carry camping materials from parking lot to campsite.

Motels and restaurants nearest to the campsite are available in Marysville.

On Friday evening, we will plan on feasting together at the Wagon Wheel in downtown Marysville at 6:30 pm.  Saturday’s lunch will be provided once we arrive at the Vogelsberg-Busch Farm.  You will be responsible for all other meals.

Friday’s events will include:

  • Setting turtle traps in the early afternoon (if interested in helping, please let me know) (noon-ish).
  • Set up camp at Alcove Springs afternoon/evening (4:30 – dark).
  • Setting small mammal track tubes in the evening (4:30 – dark).
  • Supper at the Wagon Wheel (6:30 – 7:30 pm).
  • Rest of the evening – Sittin’ around the campfire (7:30 – ?).


  • Break camp, check track-tubes, and explore Alcove Springs (we will be leaving Alcove Springs around 9:00 am for those of you not camping with us).
  • Visit Ice Age Monument – Blue Rapids (9:30 am).
  • Locate black squirrels – Marysville City Park (10:00 am).
  • Rocky Bottoms – natural limestone waterfall (11:00 am).
  • Vogelsberg-Busch Farm (12:00 pm)
  • Lunch
  • Birding w/ John E. Quinn (Postdoc Researcher in the UNL School of Nat. Resources) (1:00 pm).
  • Check Turtle Traps (4:00 pm)
  • “Rails To Trails” Bio-Blitz – Blue River north of Marysville

Any questions about this KABT field trip should be directed to the KABT Field Trip Coordinator. Enquiries may be in the form of email or a telephone call.

KABT Field Trip Coordinator

Noah R. Busch
Telephone (316) 259-5942
Email: nrbusch22@gmail.com