Microscope Cameras (That Your Kids Already Have!)

While working in the lab this summer, we needed to take pictures through a microscope.  Many of us would like to be able to take pictures of a microscope slide, but the trinocular microscopes and other dedicated equipment are prohibitively expensive.  I remembered an idea I saw Brad working on with another student when I was in college.  We set up the following simple apparatus to take pictures through the microscope using my phone’s camera.  The pictures are fantastic, and being able to see on the phone screen makes it possible for multiple students to view the slide simultaneously.

I have included some of the pictures we have taken already using this method.  It takes only a ring stand and a test tube clamp.  I plan to shoot a how-to video for this procedure sometime this summer, but the pictures give you the general idea.  Now students can use their phones in the lab, and take the pictures with them when they leave!




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