2 thoughts on “Genetics for the 21st Century”

  1. Your post on Jefferson and Citizen Science inspired me. I had seen them both on Twitter.

    I first heard that we should consider dropping Mendel from the curriculum from Rob DeSalle (http://desalle.amnh.org/) in 2003 at a Woodrow Wilson experience called Teaching in the Age of the Genome.

  2. Good on you Eric. I read this article yesterday and was going to post it here and somehow (old age) I forgot to…..

    btw, someone has been making a similar claim for the last 15 years, in fact that someone tried to include such an approach in a textbook but the idea was considered too radical at the time. Perhaps this article will get some things started. Likewise, we should consider not presenting evolution from a similar historic viewpoint. Again, such a viewpoint requires a big leap of understanding by students that they seldom make. There are better pedagogical structures for both of these big ideas of biology.

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