2 thoughts on “Genetics for the 21st Century”

  1. Good on you Eric. I read this article yesterday and was going to post it here and somehow (old age) I forgot to…..

    btw, someone has been making a similar claim for the last 15 years, in fact that someone tried to include such an approach in a textbook but the idea was considered too radical at the time. Perhaps this article will get some things started. Likewise, we should consider not presenting evolution from a similar historic viewpoint. Again, such a viewpoint requires a big leap of understanding by students that they seldom make. There are better pedagogical structures for both of these big ideas of biology.

  2. Your post on Jefferson and Citizen Science inspired me. I had seen them both on Twitter.

    I first heard that we should consider dropping Mendel from the curriculum from Rob DeSalle (http://desalle.amnh.org/) in 2003 at a Woodrow Wilson experience called Teaching in the Age of the Genome.

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