Johnson County Science Cafe

Johnson County Science Cafe’

An Evening of Science Video Clips

Speakers: The video clips.
Date: October 9, 2012

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Coaches Bar and Grill, 9089 W. 135th Street, one block west of 135th and Antioch, south side of 135th St.

Trying something new this month. A variety of short, science video clips have been selected. We will watch each clip and then discuss what we saw. Clips will include famous scientists giving advice to the President, Richard Feynman explaining how things work, how every atom in your body comes from a star, Earth-rise on the moon, emerging trends in organic chemistry, emerging trends in paleoanthropology, human lifespan -vs- per capita income (very clever), and more as time allows.

No lead speaker, so we will discuss amongst ourselves in the true spirit of the science cafe’. Join us for this evening of science conversation.

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