Assessment with Google Forms

Recently while at the NABT conference in Dallas I used a Google Form embedded in a webpage to assess students on a PhET simulation they used while I was gone. The webpage can be found here.

What’s nice about Google Forms is that I can create a variety of questions to assess what they learned from the assessment. I can insert multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, paragraph response, scales (for surveys), and grids. All have their own use and and can be made required fields so that students have to answer them before submission.

I start each form with a “Name” short answer field and a “Hour/Period” multiple choice question which makes it easy to sort for grading if I want. It’s great for easy data mining and for formative assessment because once a student submits a form it is sent to a master spreadsheet that I have access to. Then I can create a formula that “grades” columns (or you can insert color rules) and searches for correct answers so i can easily see where misconceptions lie. Here is an snapshot of the spreadsheet I used:

Another way I’ve used it is by embedding a video (either one I made or one off of youtube/teachertube/teded) and then had a form below it that students filled out so I know they watched them. It also can be used as a formative tool as well. Here’s an example of that. (No judging, I literally created this one in 5 minutes to illustrate how it could be used)

There you go, a very practical way to use Google Forms to assess students when working with computers. How does everyone else use Google Forms?



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