KABT Study Hall #1 – Grading

We are now scheduling our first ever “KABT Study Hall”? These would be very informal meetings held at a local restaurant or bar. Each session would have a topic on which we could focus our discussion, as well as plenty of time for camaraderie and fellowship. This session’s topic is: grading.

What is the role of grading in the science classroom?

We all know that the grade isn’t the most important thing in a good classroom, but what SHOULD it be? Performance grades, scaffolded assessment, assignment weighting, grade automation, the role of formative feedback, and the list goes on!  Valid grading is a goal with unique complications in the science classroom, and we would like to schedule a time to get together and reflect on our grading practices during the lull in the storm this summer.

We would like schedule it when the greatest number of interested parties can attend, so what dates do/don’t work best? The event will be created in a week or two on Facebook, so please chime in if you’re interested. A simple like on Facebook says, “sweet, I’d come” and a comment here or on Facebook could give feedback on dates. I hope to see you all here in the KC metro/Lawrence area this June!



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  1. Join us for our first KABT Study Hall tomorrow evening 5:30 pm at Free State Brewery, 636 Massachusetts St., in Lawrence. The topic is Grading so bring your questions and answers and we’ll do some formative assessment!

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