A professional development opportunity for Kansas and KC area science and math teachers

KABT members and their colleagues are invited to join the Kansas 2013-14 Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry professional learning community.  ITSI is a collaboration between Concord Consortium and the KU Center for STEM Learning; it is funded by the National Science Foundation.  ITSI participants and their students will use free portal-based activities using models and probes.


Participants will  part of the ITSI PLC to discuss inquiry instruction and the use of technology; they will participate in two online courses, will receive probeware and sensors (of their choosing), and will receive a stipend of $400 upon completion required components during the 2013-14 academic year.  ITSI activities support NGSS and Math Common Core.   Here is the link to the application: ITSI_KS_applicationF13, which includes details about program components.

Applications are due by September 14, 2013.  View ITSI activities at http://itsi.portal.concord.org/.