Day 27 update

Note much to update.  The seed pods are filling out and the plants overall are looking fine.  I almost goofed up, yesterday.  I had a number of meetings and forgot to check on the water.  Remember I said I was having trouble going more than two days with out adding water.  Well yesterday I should have watered in the morning.  When I finally, remembered it was 8 p.m.  Two of the reservoirs were dry (not in the selected plants) and the plants were wilting.  I got there just in time, I’m glad I didn’t wait until this morning or I probably would have lost at least one reservoir worth of plants.  They may have still produced viable seed since it is getting close to when I’m going to remove the water to dry out the plants.  Still, it would have been embarrassing.  Here’s what the seed pods look like at this point.