STEM Discussion Event – 7/16/14

The Kauffman Foundation is hosting a series of casual education meetups in the month of July to provide a setting to discuss current teaching innovations.  Next week I get to present, and I’ll be leading a discussion of how to encourage greater penetration of inquiry methods both in STEM classrooms and also beyond typical STEM settings (non-STEM disciplines and elementary classrooms).  The sessions have been interesting and thought-provoking thus far, and it’s been especially valuable to get “outside the garden” of life science teachers with which I typically interact.  I would love to have contributions from anyone interested and willing to join.  Plus free coffee, so awesome.


Where:  Kauffman Foundation (4801 Rockhill Rd Kansas City, MO 64110)

When:  July 16th from 8:00a – 9:00a

Carpool:  Anyone traveling from the south (Olathe) shoot me a message if you want to carpool/ride with me.


Hope to see you all there!