Now Accepting Nominations for the 2014 KABT Fall Elections!

KABT Members,

I am now accepting nominations for the 2014 KABT Fall Elections to be held on Sept. 13th at the Fall Conference.  I am attaching the ballot as it looks right now (I just transferred names from the 2013-14 leadership list).  I am also attaching the region map.  Please send your nominations ASAP.  It would be nice to get some healthy competition… so don’t hesitate to nominate someone just because I have a name on the ballot.  On the other side of things, if you would like your name to be removed from the ballot, let me know.  The only complete “blank” that I have is for VP… so step up and nominate yourself or someone that you think would do a good job.  You can either reply to this post or e-mail me at with your nominations.  I look forward to seeing you guys at the Fall Conference!

Noah Busch (KABT President-Elect)

KABT regional boundary map

2014 KABT Fall Ballot